Longan (Lamyai)

Longans are mainly grown in Northern provinces of Thailand. It’s a delicious unique flavor. It is also called “dragon eyes” because it resembles an eye when shelled. The translucent, soft, flesh surrounds a large, black seed. Its flesh is pinkish and thick and delightfully sweet. Longans are usually sold in bunches with the stalks still attached.

Durian (Thurian)

Durian is reputed to be the “King of tropical fruits”. Durians are grown in the Eastern and Southern of Thailand. The name durian comes from the Malay word “duri” meaning thorn. A mature fruit can be determined by its odour and golden yellow-brown external appearance. Flesh is creamy yellow and sweet. Monthong (Golden pillow) is most popular variety.

Mangosteen (Mangkhut)

Mangosteen is grown in southern and eastern Thailand. It is often called the “Queen of Thai Fruits”. It is a leathery purple shell which, when opened, reveals the soft, white fruit which is quite delicate and consists of 4-8 segments, the larger of which contain seeds. The fragrant, fleshy fruit is both sweet and tangy. Thailand being one of its largest producers.

Coconut (Maphrao On)

The sweet tasting coconut contains of flesh and coconut water, Coconut juice is a natural energy drink since it is sweet and very nutritious and provides an isotonic electrolyte balance. The green outer husk of the young coconut is removed and the shrink-wrapped white shell shipped to worldwide markets.

Pineapple (Supparot)

Pineapples are a composite of many flowers whose individual fruitlets fuse together around a central core, each fruitlet can be identified by an “eye” the rough spiny marking on the skin and a regal crown of spiny, blue-green leaves and fibrous yellow flesh. The area closer to the base of the fruit has more sugar content and therefore a sweeter taste and more tender texture.

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